A Labour of Love

A Labour of Love

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Nestled in a snowy forest, Christine's cosy home shines with festive warmth; NO

Christine is at her happiest in the open air, often on a trip with her English Setter Troll. In her old, red house in the middle of the forest, she has found complete peace. She has put in many hours of work in renovating the place, with more to come. But for now, her home is aglow with country Christmas charm.

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à l'intérieur accueillant campagnard Champêtre Charme chien convivial Couvert de neige décoration intérieure design intérieur éclairé Enneigé Enneigée façade feature hiver feature noël femme hiver Hiver Homestory avec des personnes intérieur lambris lumière maison maison en bois naturel naturelle naturelles naturels neige Neigeuse Neigeux Noël paysan paysanne paysannes paysans Recouvert de neige sapin de Noël Style Campagne Style rural table de Noël table dressée traditionnel villageois villageoise villageoises

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