Steep Expectations

Steep Expectations

Reportage 13611147 | © living4media / Maulini, Pier | 33 images

This hillside home made of wood offers awe-inspiring views & sleek interiors; IT

This unique home is located in Val Bedretto, at the south-west end of the village, and serves as a secondary residence. The house's design is very much dictated by its location on a steep hillside. The architects have mastered this challenge by building up high from a relatively small foundation. The materials are reminiscent of those in the village: concrete to mimic natural stone for the base; wood for the above-ground construction, both inside and out; and more contemporary sheet metal for the roof.

N° de reportage: 13611147
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Photographe: © living4media / Maulini, Pier
Architecte: Baserga Mozzetti Architetti
Topic: Interiors
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