Home on the Farm

Home on the Farm

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In her mind's eye Caroline Cowan knew exactly how she wanted the.farmhouse that she and husband Rob bought four years ago to look once.she"d got her hands on it: "Sort of pretty shabby chic and rustic" she.explains casting her eye around their delightful home with its sugared almond.colour scheme cheerful florals and homely vintage finds. "But.pursuading Rob - who had always preferred a more masculine and.contemporary style - that this would be a good idea did take some doing!".Nevertheless she nicely - but firmly! - insisted that this should be her.special project: "We've always compromised on decor" she says "but I was.so sure of the look I wanted to achieve this time I wouldn"t be moved!".Perhaps one of the reasons her husband of 27 years agreed to let her take.charge of the 16th-century farmhouse"s decorwas because the style she so.confidently envisaged formed the basis of a much bigger plan that is now.part and parcel of life on their 22-acre farm near Tenterden in Kent. "We.wanted to find a farmhouse outbuildings and land that would allow us not.only to keep livestock but incorporate other ideas we had too - and most.importantly establish a rural wedding venue" Caroline explains. "The idea.was to create a nostalgic "Darling Buds of May" ambience in complete.contrast to smart formal celebrations - so my ideas for a home that also.embodied that approach seemed to make sense"".

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