The Little Beach Hut Company

The Little Beach Hut Company

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"When someone excitedly opens the doors to one of our beach huts and glances inside the expression on their face is always just so magical; that's our reward" says Jayne Eyers as she strolls contentedly along the beach at Mersea Island in Essex.In 2013 Jayne joined forces with Jane Ashmore to launch The Little Beach Hut Company following her long-term friend"s "Eureka moment". "I was lying in bed one night when the idea of renting out my beach hut Betty first came to me" Jane confides. "I"I've got so many treasured memories of fabulous days spent there with my children Tom and Lily picnicking swimming playing and having an absolute ball."Often I"d pick the kids up from school and We'd head straight to the hut for a wonderful action-packed afternoon. There was always an extra flurry of excitement when my husband turned up to join us after he"d armed with the obligatory mound of fish and chips." As the children got older their interests changed and gradually the Ashmore family"s halcyon beach hut days occurred less frequently. "I decided it was high.time to rent the old girl out so that others could experience what We'd enjoyed for many years " our very own little slice of heaven.".

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