Aloe House

Aloe House

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Interior design and project manager, Taryn's London home is put to the design test during the pandemic. Where she and Paul, a performance psychologist, live and work alongside their chocolate cockerpoo, Holly, who is very happy to have them home. They initially lived in their house for a couple of years before making any changes, so they knew exactly how to change it to better suit their needs and lifestyle. “We were initially drawn to the property by the proportions of the windows, ” says Taryn, inspired by the natural light flooding in to the property. “The light and scale of properties in South Africa where I grew up is very different, over the past twenty years my decorating style has changed to a more English eclectic aesthetic. ”  Although her South African roots are evident in her design ethic and home “I love organic materials such as linen, sisal and rattan” says Taryn. Adding that she always tries to include a trip to Cape Town when possible, so she can visit galleries and her favourite interior design stores.

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