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It’s not every day that you are asked if you would like to swap your small townhouse for a 19th century cottage, barn and stable block. This is what happened to Freya and Alex, who were selling their small terraced house to move into a larger property. The elderly owner of this lovely converted cottage, barn and stable block had spotted their house for sale. She wanted a smaller home, so she asked them to consider swapping houses with her. ‘The lady who was living here was approaching her 90s and was looking to downsize, ’ explains Freya. ‘She had seen Alex's place for sale and suggested a house swap might work for both of us. We came and looked at this place and loved it. ’ Built in about 1820, this house was originally the staff cottage, as well as the stables and a cart shed for a larger property called The Grange located next door. The buildings were converted in the 1960’s by a couple ready for their retirement. The agricultural building had solid brick walls, original beams and an unusual layout.

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