Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact

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Look away now if you feel that collections should be themed by colour, style or era; or if you think treasures must be arranged on perfectly polished pieces of furniture or safely encased in sparkling clean glass. And if you need a home full of clean lines, open spaces and pristine paintwork, then turn over, immediately. If you’re still reading, then, like Sheridan, your home is likely filled with objects that grabbed your heart at the antiques fair, junk shop or thrift store, strange and wonderful treasure with which to make quirky vignettes for your own amusement or to share on Instagram, as Sheridan does; and you’ll surely understand the remorse that she so often feels when driving away from the fair leaving behind that one item that spoke to her, that called her name, but was sadly left to languish on the stallholder’s heaving trestle table.

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