Ultimate Challenge

Ultimate Challenge

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Turning a rundown barn into a stylish family home was a massive test for Charlotte and Roger who combined their skills and passed with flying colours. When Charlotte and Roger bought a farmhouse with an ugly exterior and outdated interiors most of their friends thought they were mad. ‘My mother was completely against the idea and practically threatened to have a heart attack, ’ Charlotte grins mischievously. ‘But she had good grounds. This was house was anything but pretty. It had brown plastic windows with office blinds and a bland prison grey brick exterior. The main windows above the front door had rows of spikes along them, designed to assassinate pigeons. The interiors were stuck in an 80’s time warp full of dark wood which made rooms feel depressing and cramped. ’ Charlotte pauses for breath and tries to remember why they did buy the house.

N° de reportage: 13594609
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