Natural Harmony

Natural Harmony

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In the run-up to Christmas, Pernilla starts decorating a little at a time; SE

At Pernilla and Lars' home in Njurunda, Christmas comes in nature's muted shades, perfectly in harmony with the home's sophisticated colour palette of grey, sage and dusty blue. The rooms are filled with spruce, fragrant hyacinths and beautiful stars that Pernilla has made herself. And the tree, of course - which must be real!

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151-200 m² couleur naturelle Cuisine ouverte de fête décoration de Noël décoration intérieure extérieur façade feature noël femme intérieur lucarne maison maison en bois Matériaux naturels Noël nostalgique nostalgiques pente du toit Rénové Rénovée style campagnard Style maison de campagne table dressée tapis tons verts

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