Life After School

Life After School

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An old school has been converted into a modern home with stunning staircases; BE

There is indeed life after school! Especially if you can get the space for it. With a 60 m² bathroom, bedrooms like hotel suites, and living room ceilings that stretch four meters high, it's definitely nothing like the school you remember. Let us show you how to transform six old classrooms into a modern residential palace.

N° de reportage: 13424645
Nombre d'images: 28
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Photographe: © living4media / Brandajs, Laurent
Architecte: Matthieu Meunier atelier MW
Topic: Interiors
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Aéré Aérée appartement bâtiment scolaire clair Contemporain Contemporaine cour intérieure Cuisine de designer décoration intérieure escalier Escalier en porte à faux extérieur façade Hauteur sous plafond homestory sans personnes intérieur lumineuse pièce d'habitation ouverte séparation d'une pièce terrasse travaux d'aménagement

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