Modern Brit-Chic

Modern Brit-Chic

Reportage 13287840 | © living4media / von Einsiedel, Andreas | 35 images

Jo and Nathan Birtle love the classical elegance of their London townhouse; UK

The couple previously lived in a large property in Battersea, but after their son moved to boarding school, Jo and Nathan decided it was time to downsize. Now, they live in a London townhouse shaped exactly to their wishes and decorated with bold elements and pops of colour

N° de reportage: 13287840
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accent de couleur chien classique classiques Contemporain Contemporaine couleur fuchsia cour intérieure Cuisine ouverte décoration intérieure élégant extérieur femme fuchsia gris intérieur Maison mitoyenne peinture murale séparation d'une pièce taupe

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