Artistic Angles

Artistic Angles

Reportage 13281014 | © living4media / Goetschalckx, Liesbet | 37 images

What was once a typical 1930s house is transformed into a spectacular home; BE

The house started out with many consecutive rooms, with little light flowing between them. It was opened up a bit during a previous renovation, but when Erika and Joris moved their family in, they truly transformed the lower levels. Now, open space flows across multiple levels, with many fun and eye-catching highlights.

N° de reportage: 13281014
Nombre d'images: 37
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Photographe: © living4media / Goetschalckx, Liesbet
Architecte: BuroBill
Topic: Interiors
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architecture intérieure bois colore coloré coloree colorée Contemporain Contemporaine décoration intérieure design élément en verre été extérieur façade façade en briques géométrique Homestory avec des personnes intérieur maison Maison mitoyenne meuble en bois multi-étages paire pièce d'habitation ouverte Produit en masse Rénové Rénovée Spectaculaire Split Level style design vasistas Vélux verre

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