A Masterful Mix

A Masterful Mix

Reportage 13277555 | © living4media / Obijn, Guy | 35 images

Fashion label owners Esfan and Inge found their perfect weekend retreat; BE

Esfan Eghtessadi and Inge Onsea, owners of Belgian fashion label Essentiel found a weekend retreat in Knokke Le Zoute. The house in the typical Zoute style was given a very atypical make-over by Belgian interior architect Gert Voorjans. The result is a highly glamourous fifties-style home surrounding by a lush English garden.

N° de reportage: 13277555
Nombre d'images: 35
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Photographe: © living4media / Obijn, Guy
Designer intérieur: Gert Voorjans
Topic: Interiors
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