Teacher's Table

Teacher's Table

Reportage 13264959 | © living4media / Möller, Cecilia | 36 images

Ninni and Martin have given the old school building back its soul and spirit; SE

The couple fell primarily for the ceiling height, the architecture and the history of the house when they first saw the apartment in the old school building. But the decor was impersonal and they wanted to recreate the soul of the house before moving in. With a sure hand and many personal solutions, they have created a warm and cosy home filled with beautiful antiques.

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76-100 m² ancien appartement appartement ancien bâtiment scolaire chien Combinaison de couleurs Contemporain Contemporaine de l'ancien décoration intérieure décoration murale extérieur façade femme Fenêtre cintrée grande cuisine gris Hauteur sous plafond immeuble ancien intérieur Meuble antique Parquet en bois peinture murale plante d'appartement plante d'intérieur Rénové Rénovée Tournant de siècle Tournant du siècle vert

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