Hotel Canal

Hotel Canal

Reportage 13257011 | © living4media / Kooijman, Peter | 38 images

An office space is transformed into a clever home with an elegant hotel vibe; NL

Located on the banks of one of Amsterdam's many canals, this apartment has a sophisticated, international look with a little French flair. And with its right-angle corners and many large windows overlooking the canal, it was just what the owners were after.

N° de reportage: 13257011
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Designer intérieur: Marianne van Brussel
Topic: Interiors
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76-100 m² Ambiance appartement architecture intérieure baie vitrée canal Canal clair Classique design Contemporain Contemporaine décoration intérieure design élégant extérieur façade fenêtre Gracht homestory sans personnes intérieur lumineuse marbre meuble classique meubles classiques miroir Mur de miroirs Parquet à chevrons pièce d'habitation ouverte porte coulissante Rénové Rénovée Route rue style design style français

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