Modest Glamour

Modest Glamour

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Kevin creates an understated elegance and uses his 84sqm apartment perfectly, ZA

When Kevin and Dylan first bought their home it felt closed in. They knew that they had to change the feeling of the space and they started with the main living area. In the space, they created a design that is simple yet fabulous! Dylan says that simplicity is key. They created a sophisticated mood with a cool atmosphere.

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76-100 m² appartement architecture intérieure Carreau en céramique carrelage en céramique Contemporain Contemporaine décoration intérieure décoration murale Faïence murale Fenêtre panoramique Fenêtres panoramiques Glam Glamour Gris clair Gris pâle Homestory avec des personnes homme intérieur meubles de créateur meubles design mur pièce d'habitation ouverte plan Sol carrelé

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