In the Style of the Old Villas

In the Style of the Old Villas

Reportage 11503292 | © living4media / Maulini, Pier | 34 images

Newly built home with classic charm on Lago Maggiore, Italy

The architect's brief was to build a villa that would accommodate a large family but that would also be visually integrated in this area of historically referenced homes. The result is a four-storey building that even has a home-spa area and is fully contemporary in terms of its features.

N° de reportage: 11503292
Nombre d'images: 34
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Photographe: © living4media / Maulini, Pier
Architecte: Cristina Quirico
Topic: Interiors
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à l'intérieur Ambiance de soirée ambiance du soir Ambiance du soir Atmosphère de soirée Atmosphère du soir blanc classique classiques décoration intérieure décoration murale design intérieur éclairage de nuit Éclairage indirect éclairage nocturne élégant Espace vert extérieur façade Feature gazon Hauteur sous plafond homestory sans personnes intérieur Jardin public luxe luxueux maison avec jardin Nouvelle construction Oeuvre d’art œuvre d'art Parc peinture murale Reportage Reportages rideau soir Soir Soiree soirée Soirée Style de designer Style design tapis terrasse villa

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